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Shortness of breath is a serious condition that indicates many internal health problems. Due to increasing pollution levels, breathing outdoors can lead to many respiratory problems. One of the most serious problems is shortness of breath. Shortness of breath is a very deadly disease which can prove fatal if not treated at the right time, then this disease proves to be very harmful for us. However, shortness of breath is also caused by asthma, so if it is not. processed at the right time. If treatment is not given, the person may die.





What is shortness of breath?



The term shortness of breath is commonly used to describe shortness of breath or shortness of breath. he Tension This is a condition in which one experiences difficulty breathing while performing an activity. Shortness of breath is a condition in which there is insufficient air (oxygen) in our body. lungs can’t reach because of what chest pain, stress, Nervousness Other conditions appear. Shortness of breath is called dyspnea in the medical field. This condition can be moderately uncomfortable and painful. Too much Exercisehigh temperatures, obesity and very high altitude, all of these factors can increase the risk of everything In good health May cause respiratory problems to the person.







Symptoms of shortness of breath




Difficulty breathing can be life-threatening. Symptoms of shortness of breath or dyspnea can range from normal to very severe and can pose a threat to human health. Therefore, by knowing its symptoms, one can prevent health from deteriorating. Symptoms of shortness of breath include:

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  • spit


  • breathless


  • sweat


  • difficulty walking long distances



  • legs and swelling of the ankles


  • nasal noise when breathing


  • speak in short sentences


  • swollen feet


  • Difficulty breathing while lying down


  • Unusual wheezing or whistling sound when inhaling or exhaling.






due to shortness of breath




Some people may experience shortness of breath suddenly and for a short time. And some people may experience it regularly. Shortness of breath that occurs regularly can be the cause of more serious internal problems.




Common causes of shortness of breath can be



  • due to high temperature


  • hard work


  • excessive smoking


  • Presence of allergens or pollutants in the air


  • Worry The condition also causes shortness of breath.






home remedies for shortness of breath




honey consumption


Honey is one of the most common and best home remedies. It is also used for asthma, that is, people who have breathing problems. asthma attack On arrival, you must take honey water vapor. Which soon brings relief. Apart from this, drinking honey mixed with a glass of water two to three times a day also provides great relief. Consumption of honey helps eliminate mucus that causes asthma or breathing problems.




basil consumption


full of qualities basil It is very beneficial in the problem of shortness of breath. Licking basil juice mixed with honey provides relief to asthma patients and people suffering from respiratory problems. When consuming it, the breathing tubes open immediately.

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go to a warm place


If you feel short of breath in a cold place, you should immediately move to a warm place. Keep in mind that there are no coolers or coolers there, and whenever you start to feel out of breath, you should immediately leave the crowded and dusty place and go to an open place. It will make you feel good and you will feel relaxed.




coffee consumption


if you Asthma If you have a heart attack, you should consume coffee immediately. As a result, the air trapped in the breathing tubes opens immediately. If you cannot consume coffee, you will also benefit from the smell of coffee.






An important component of our diet for centuries, ginger is used in the manufacture of many types of medicines due to its medicinal properties. This can be helpful in the problem of asthma or shortness of breath. Ginger is a well-known natural remedy for various illnesses, including asthma.






free in the morning stomach Many types of diseases can be cured by eating garlic. Garlic helps in solving your lung problems and is a safe remedy that provides quick relief from asthma symptoms. It also reduces inflammation of the respiratory tract. In most homes, garlic is used to add flavor to vegetables. you Raw Can also eat.





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