There is cold in the air conditioning and heat in the cooler-fan, so how can we protect the elderly from heatstroke?

Heat stroke in the elderly : The extreme heat this time made everyone’s condition miserable. The temperature in many places is around 45 degrees Celsius, worrying people of all ages. Everyone needs to be especially careful. Especially elderly people. Those who feel cold in air conditioning and hot in a cooler fan. In such a situation, saving them from the heat is no less than a challenge. One small mistake and the health of elderly people can deteriorate.

They easily become vulnerable to strong sunlight and heat waves. Due to this, they may face many problems like diarrhea, vomiting, gas and dehydration. In such a situation, by taking care of certain things, elderly people can easily be saved from heatstroke. Know here…

5 tips to protect the elderly from heat stroke

1. Don’t let the water run out
Due to lack of water in summer, diseases begin to invade the body, forcing older people to drink as much water as possible. Ask them to drink at least 10 to 15 glasses of water per day. To keep their energy levels up, have them drink juice.

2. Take care of clothes
Elderly people should wear light-colored clothes during the summer season. As a result, the heat is much lower. Instead of wearing silk, velvet and nylon clothes, dress them in chikan, cotton and khadi clothes, which are comfortable.

3. Cover your head and face
Older people go out several times in summer. In such a situation, ask to cover your head and face to protect yourself from the sun and heat. Go out only with a cap or towel. So that there is no danger to their health.

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4. Maintain hygiene
In summer, older people are at risk of skin infections and food poisoning. In such a situation, take care of their hygiene and eating habits. Do not feed them outside. Make sure to include green vegetables in your diet. To maintain their hygiene, use only medicated or herbal soap.

5. Take care of your eye health
During the summer season, the risk of allergies, conjunctivitis and dry eyes in older people increases considerably. In such a situation, to protect their eyes from heat, give them foods containing vitamin A and vitamin C. Take good care of your eyes.

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