These diseases will go away by eating rock salt! Do this not only during fasting but also on normal days

Benefits of Sendha Namak: Fasting is going on for 9 days in Chaitra Navratri. During this fast, Sendha Namak is also used. It is said that eating rock salt has many benefits for health. According to health experts, eating rock salt in normal days also has many benefits for health and can also get rid of many problems. Let’s know its benefits…

rock salt

When the salt water of a sea or lake evaporates, they leave colorful crystals. Rock salt is made from this. This is such a kind of mineral, which does not require any chemical process to make it useful for food. It is also known as Himalayan Salt, Rock Salt, Lahori Salt. More than 90 minerals are found in rock salt. It is made up of magnesium and sulphur.

Why is rock salt so beneficial

Compared to normal salt, the amount of iodine in rock salt is less. Elements like potassium, calcium, zinc are found in large quantities in it. These are considered very beneficial for the body. Apart from this, iron, manganese, copper, cobalt are also found in rock salt, which are more nutritious than plain salt.

Eat rock salt, drive away these diseases

Blood pressure can be controlled.

Rock salt is also effective in curing cold and cough.

Rock salt can also provide relief from problems like arthritis and depression.

Eating rock salt keeps the digestion process healthy.

It also provides relief from problems like constipation, gas, indigestion, heartburn.

Eating rock salt keeps the level of lectrolytes under control. It is essential for the muscles and nervous system. Cramps start when imbalanced.

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