Urgent Alert: Health Experts Warn of Sudden Heart Attacks, Claiming Lives in India

Health professionals issue an urgent alert following the tragic death of four people in a 24-hour period, emphasizing the need to take precautionary measures before engaging in physical exercise (1 Reliable source
Doctors have warned gym-goers that sudden heart attacks are the least likely cause of death. 4 in 24 hours

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Pre-exercise assessment is crucial for gym enthusiasts

Experts stress the importance of a thorough medical evaluation before starting exercise routines, especially for people between 30 and 40 years old, to identify possible risk factors such as coronary artery diseasediabetes and hypertension.

Doctors recommend a gradual approach to exercise, starting with shorter durations and gradually increasing intensity levels based on individual tolerance levels, to mitigate the risk of sudden cardiac complications.

Lifestyle factors contribute to increased cases of heart attacks

Unhealthy lifestyle choices, including smoke tobacco and excessive consumption of salt, sugar and junk food, are identified as the main contributors to the increasing prevalence of heart attacks in the country.

Rising cases of heart attacks following the Covid-19 pandemic raise concerns about the potential impact of the virus and related vaccines as risk factors, leading to increased research into associated health risks.

Reports that link certain Vaccines for COVID-19 to an increased risk of blood clots underscore the possible connection between such complications and heart attacks, emphasizing the need for greater awareness and precautionary measures.

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Recent incidents, including deaths during holiday events and while cycling, serve as stark reminders of the unpredictable nature of heart attacks and the importance of preventive health measures.


These tragic events require greater public awareness about the importance of regular medical check-ups, lifestyle modifications, and compliance with medical advice to mitigate the risk of sudden cardiac events.


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