Vitamin D-Rich Diet: Mushrooms, Fatty Fish And Other Immunity-Boosting Foods You Must Add to Your Winter Meal

Vitamin D is very essential for our body. Here are some food items that are a rich source of this sunshine vitamin.

Healthy Vitamin D Rich Foods

We all know that the best source of Vitamin D is sunlight. However, during this chilly season, it isn’t easy to get exposure to sunshine. The only way left to get enough Vitamin D is to eat a healthy diet that contains enough nutrients to take care of your overall well-being. It plays an imperative role in boosting your immune system and absorption of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphate. A deficiency of Vitamin D can cause issues like constant joint or back pain, muscle pain, and more. In severe cases, a lack of vitamins can lead to serious health conditions like osteoporosis, rickets and arthritis. Here is the list of healthy food items that are a rich source of sunshine vitamin.

Best Vitamin D Sources For a Nutrient-Packed Diet

  1. Cow Milk– It is a natural source of Vitamin D and other important nutrients, including calcium, phosphorous, and riboflavin. As per Healthline, 1 cup of fortified cow’s milk contains 115 IU of vitamin D per cup (237 mL), or about 15% of the DV. All the milk brands that sell cow’s pasteurized milk have vitamin D added.  Drink full-fat milk every day to incorporate the necessary amount of Vitamin D into your diet.
  2. Orange Juice– Everyone’s favourite beverage, Orage juice incorporates antioxidants and micronutrients like vitamin C, folate, vitamin D, and potassium. Try to consume the natural juice that is squeezed at home to get more advantage. Regular consumption of this juice offers various health benefits such as improved heart health, decreased inflammation and reduced risk of kidney stones.
  3. Yogurt- Regular consumption of yoghurt promotes a healthy immune system and protects our body from many infections. Yogurt is fortified with Vitamin D. As per Healthline, around eight ounces of plain yogurt contains  116 IUs of vitamin D. Make yogurt at home to gain more advantage.
  4. Mushrooms- We all know that mushrooms grow in sunlight, therefore, they are rich in vitamin D. It is one of the good food sources where the precursor to vitamin D occurs naturally. As per Healthline, one cup of wild mushrooms contains 136 IU of vitamin D, which is 17% of the DV. Make various mushroom dishes at home and take advantage of its health benefits.
  5. Fatty Fish-  Salmon, trout, and mackerel are fatty fishes that offer vitamin D in great content. As per Healthline,  99 grams of salmon contains about 600-1000 IU of Vitamin D, which is higher than the daily recommended amount for people. Fatty fishes are also rich in other nutrients such as calcium, protein, and phosphorus.
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