Wendy Williams denies struggling with her mental health amid bank battle

How’s Wendy Williams? Very good, she says.

The talk show host denied on Monday that she is struggling with her mental health after her bank claimed she is a “incapacitated person” who needs a guardianship.

“Wendy wants the world to know that she strongly denies all allegations regarding her mental health and well-being,” Williams’ attorney, LaShawn Thomas, said in a statement to Page Six.

Thomas said his client, who hasn’t hosted her daytime talk show since July 2021, has spent her hiatus employing “holistic health professionals to help her achieve optimal health throughout her life.” Graves’ disease treatment and thyroid problems.”

The attorney continued to insist that Williams, 57, is “fine” and “sane” after her former financial adviser, Lori Schiller, claimed otherwise, prompting Wells Fargo to cut off access to the million dollars in the accounts of former shock jockette.

“[She is] disappointed by falsely circulated statements from an industry to which she has dedicated her life,” Thomas said. “Wendy is grateful for the love and outpouring of support she has received from her fans, and she can’t wait to return. She thanks everyone who has been patiently waiting for her return and believes that, thanks in no small part to the love and support of her son, her family, her new team of doctors and a change of scenery, she he is recovering “.

Wendy Williams walking with her son Kevin Hunter Jr.
Williams gave her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., a shout out in her new statement.

Thomas added, “Wendy tells all her fans, ‘How are you?'”

Williams spoke through Thomas after filing for a temporary restraining order against Wells Fargo, which recently froze her accounts over fears she is a “victim of undue influence and financial exploitation,” according to the bank’s attorney, David H. Pikus. .

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Pikus told New York Supreme Court Justice Arlene Bluth in a letter obtained by Page Six last week that Schiller had “witnessed signs of exploitation, including [Williams’] own expressed apprehensions” about the people around her.

Wendy Williams sitting in a wheelchair.
Williams has not hosted “The Wendy Williams Show” since July 2021.

But the television personality and her attorney Celeste N. McCaw denied the allegations, and Williams calling Schiller a “disgruntled” former employee.

“He is saddened that he once considered this person a friend,” Thomas said of Schiller in Monday’s statement. “Wendy cannot believe that Wells Fargo mistakenly denied her access to her funds without justification from her. She has spoken to various bank representatives and has even gone to a local branch and discussed this issue with bank managers, as clear evidence that there are no concerns about her state of mind.”

Wendy Williams smiling at "The Wendy Williams Show."
Williams is in the middle of a legal battle with her bank, Wells Fargo.
The Wendy Williams/Debmar-Mercury Show

A Wells Fargo spokesperson previously told us that the bank denies “any allegations of wrongdoing with respect to Ms. Williams’ accounts.”

Bluth has yet to grant or deny the restraining order request.


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