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Brain tumor can happen to people of any age. If the brain tumor patient is operated on time, then the doctor believes that he gets up to 80 percent success in it. Actually brain tumor means a lump in the brain. On the basis of its symptoms, it is detected after examination by the doctors. The risk is higher if the tumor is on the opposite side of the head and has grown. In this case, the patient has to be operated immediately. In this case, the chances of survival of the patient are only 30 percent. When a person has a brain tumor, doctors recommend craniotomy surgery. Now you must be thinking that what is this, so let us tell you.

type of craniotomy brain surgery In which the bones of the brain are removed by surgery. Doctors use special instruments to remove the flap of bone, which is a section of bone. The bone flap is temporarily removed, which is replaced after brain surgery. In fact, craniotomy can be done for many reasons, such as there is a problem related to the brain, such as a tumor, a fracture in the brain, blood clots in the brain, injury to any part of the brain, pressure on the nerves of the brain, epilepsy or Parkinson’s. If so, doctors recommend getting this surgery done.

How much does craniotomy surgery cost? (What is the cost of Craniotomy in India in Hindi)

cost of craniotomy surgery from Rs.320000 530000 Rupee Till then. Although there are many big hospitals in India where craniotomy surgery is done. But the cost of craniotomy varies from hospital to hospital.

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Best Hospitals for Craniotomy Surgery

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Tests to be done before craniotomy surgery? (Tests before craniotomy surgery)

To prepare for surgery, you will have one or more preoperative appointments with your neurosurgeon. They will use a variety of tests to confirm that you can safely undergo the procedure. This will likely include:

  • physical test
  • blood test
  • neurological test

Your surgeon will also determine the surgical site based on your medical condition and the type of craniotomy.

What are the types of craniotomy? (What are the types of craniotomy in Hindi)

There are several types of craniotomies. Each type is named for the technique or location used in the surgery.

  • stereotactic craniotomy
  • awake craniotomy
  • endoscopic craniotomy
  • keyhole craniotomy
  • Pteroneal (frontotemporal) craniotomy
  • Supra-orbital ‘eyebrow’ craniotomy
  • orbitozygomatic craniotomy
  • translabyrinthine craniotomy
  • posterior fossa craniotomy
  • bifrontal craniotomy

How is a craniotomy performed? (How is a craniotomy surgery performed in Hindi)

The doctor gives anesthesia to the patient before starting the surgery. The surgeon will make an incision on the patient’s scalp. They will use a medical drill and look to remove a piece of bone called a bone flap. The technique involves the doctors performing the surgery either in a frameless system using a marker placed superficially on the scalp or using a frame placed on the brain.

Next, your surgeon will cut the dura mater to access the brain. The dura mater is the outermost membrane of the brain. Your surgeon will perform the procedure and remove tissue samples if necessary. When the procedure is complete, they will stitch the tissue back together. They will replace the flap of bone with wires, sutures, or plates.

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