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Let us tell you that when a stone gets stuck in the urinary tube of a person, then in this situation, he needs immediate treatment. When a stone formed in the kidney slips and gets stuck in the ureter, this condition is called a ureteral stone. Kidney stones or ureteral stones are a disease. In this disease, certain particles accumulate inside the person and become solid like stone. It is the result of our poor eating habits which then take the form of stones. It is very harmful to the body. Kidney stones or uretric stones are three times more common in men than in women.




What is a ureteral stone? (What is ureteral stone in hindi)



People often ignore the symptoms of kidney stones. for a long time Body because of living inside rocks It grows and sometimes slips and gets stuck in the urinary tract. he urine Blocks the flow of water, creating an emergency problem. When a particle gets stuck in your urinary tract, it’s called a urethral stone.





Cause of ureteral stones?




  • Due to heredity, a person is more likely to have a stone problem.


  • Geographic location means that in regions with warm climates kidney Kidney stones are more common.


  • The stone problem can also be due to some old illnesses of the person.


  • If a person diet in large quantities protein And if one consumes salt, it automatically forms in the body and can then cause stones.


  • If a person is on a diet vitamins If you take excessive amounts of vitamins A and D, the body calcium The quantity is increased. Due to this, it starts to form in the body and gradually causes the problem of stones.
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Symptoms of a ureteral stone?



Small stones do not cause pain, but sometimes the pain is very severe and therefore needs to be treated. Besides pain, kidney stones can have many other symptoms, such as:


  • Pain when urinating due to ureteral stones



  • unusual smell in urine



  • Pain in the private part for no reason


  • intermittent urination


  • urinate more than usual


Less Water Drinking can also cause urinary stones. Due to lack of water in the body, urine becomes thick. Minerals are found in urine which, once thickened, gets stuck in the urinary tract. In most cases, the mineral is first kidney It accumulates in the blood, then a certain amount passes into the urinary tract. By which obstruction This happens and this problem arises. It can also cause ureteral colic. Ureteral colic causes unbearable stomach pain. Pain can also cause swelling.




Ureteral stone test?



If symptoms of ureteral stones appear in the body, the doctor may perform an ultrasound scan. Whether the stone is in the kidney or urinary tract, it can be detected by ultrasound.


  • ultrasound examination


  • blood test


  • The doctor may also perform blood tests. It is very important to know the amount of uric acid and calcium present in the blood.


  • CT scan


Precise information about the location of urinary stones can be obtained from a CT scan.


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treatment of ureteral stones




Treatment of ureteral stones is carried out by the doctor after examining the patient’s condition and the doctor chooses the most appropriate treatment for the patient:


  • Doctors treat urinary stones in two ways. The patient first receives antibiotics. These antibiotics include phosphorus, diuretics, sodium bicarbonate, allopurinal, etc.


  • If it has increased in size in a person, the doctor uses lithotripsy to break it up.


  • Percutaneous nephrolithotomy is used to control pain.


  • If the urinary canal remains stuck in the bladder, the doctor uses a ureteroscope. The patient is then relieved. After the treatment, the doctor may also ask you to take medicine for a few days. But this patient Health that depends on.



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