Drinking alcohol on the plane can have bad effects on your heart, if you ignore it too

Alcohol on the plane: Many people like to consume alcohol while traveling by plane. Especially if the trip lasts eight to ten hours or more, people drink alcohol on the plane to pass the time and concentrate. But drinking alcohol on a plane can have bad effects on your heart. A recent research carried out in this regard has revealed that drinking on the plane is not at all good for the heart. Let us know what the research says.

Study carried out at the German Aerospace Center

Research by doctors at the Institute of Aerospace Medicine at the Aerospace Center in Cologne, Germany, indicates that if passengers fall asleep after drinking alcohol on the plane, due to low air pressure The air in the plane, the blood oxygen in their body decreases and the heart rate increases.

Research indicates that this does not only occur in the weak and elderly, but can also occur in young and healthy people on the plane. In this research published in Throx Journal, it was said that there is a lot of pressure on the hearts of those who sleep after drinking alcohol on the plane.

Heart rate increases due to low atmospheric pressure
Research has shown that the air pressure in an airplane flying at an altitude of 6,000 to 8,000 feet is very low. Due to the dryness of the cabin, there is already a lack of water in the body. In such a situation, the oxygen level in the blood starts to decrease and when the person breathes again and again, he starts having problems. In such a situation, if you have consumed alcohol, the water loss in your body will further increase and the low air pressure will directly affect the heart.

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In such a situation, researchers advise not to consume alcohol when traveling by plane. He says that although it has little effect on young, healthy people, when oxygen saturation decreases after drinking alcohol and during this time you sleep after drinking alcohol, your frequency heart rate may increase and this can directly affect your health. the heart.

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