What is Barnyard Millet? 6 Health Benefits of Sanwa You Must Know

Millets are beneficial for health, however did you know that there are a category of millets such as barnyard millets which are eaten during fasting and they are very easy to digest.

Sanwa millet or barnyard millet is a tiny white grain that is also known as Sanwa rice. These grains belong to the millet family. In India, cereal millet is not consumed during fasting, so this millet comes into the picture. It is a popular ingredient used during Navratras as well. During the auspicious nine-day festival, people usually eat a rice-based dish like kheer, which is made from “Samvat ke Chawal.” It is considered a healthy alternative for rice.

The United Nations has declared year 2023 as ‘ The Year of Millets.” Even during the magnificent G20 summit, millet-based dishes were the main ingredients in every course meal. Till now, millet was rather a hidden healthy food that was usually a miss on our plates.

Barnyard millets do not suffer from fungal disease, and they are a valuable fodder plant. These small seeds of barnyard millets are processed on groats that help to produce porridge. The other names for barnyard millet are Vari, Varai, Sanwa, Samwa, and Swang. Here are some benefits of millets that you must know.


  1. Lowers Blood Pressure: Millets contain potassium, which helps to reduce blood pressure level. It also helps to alleviate cardiovascular risks.
  2. Boost Digestion: Millets can be added to the Navratri diet as they are easy to digest and good for bowel movement.
  3. Protein-Rich: Sanwa millets are a rich source of protein, which helps to maintain healthy cells. They also have fewer calories and carbs compared to jowar, bajra, and ragi.
  4. Boost Blood and Oxygen Flow: Millets help to improve oxygen levels in your blood. They are a rich source of iron and are essential for the production of blood cells and improving blood oxygenation.
  5. Good for Skin and Hair: Barnyard Millets contain antioxidants that are beneficial for skin and promote hair growth
  6. Nutritional Value of Millets: Millets are very nutritious as they contain high protein compared to wheat and maize. They have the lowest carbohydrate content of all millets. The barnyard layers in millets are a great source of vitamin B. They are beneficial to consume for gluten-causing celiac disease patients.
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There are several varieties of millet to know about and barnyard millet is just one of them. From digestion to heart health, millets serve several health benefits.

Published Date: September 16, 2023 9:24 AM IST




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