What to Eat If You’re Sick with COVID

Like many Americans, the day after Christmas 2021 I had symptoms of a sore throat and two days later I tested positive for COVID-19. For the next 10 days I was symptomatic and quarantined at home alone. (I was lucky that my children had a safe place to stay while I recovered.) With the increase in cases due to the new variant, more people have tested positive for COVID and need to quarantine. As a registered dietitian, this is what I ate during my COVID quarantinehow I bought groceries and what I recommend to others.

When you have COVID, it’s important relieve symptoms, so you can recover more comfortably. You can use the power of food to help relieve common symptoms like sore throat, congestion, and chills. For example, I had a very dry mouth and opted to suck on candy, popsicles, and soup. (Investigate shows that chicken soup may have anti-inflammatory effects, which could alleviate upper respiratory symptoms such as those associated with COVID).

Dehydration is also a common problem associated with COVID and many other illnesses. If you feel very thirsty, drink hot tea, cold water, mineral water or a glass of 100% natural juice. Choose low-calorie or no-calorie drinks more often, and sometimes if you have a craving for ginger ale or lemonade, it’s okay to have a shot. The key is to stay hydrated while you recover.

Quarantine can be a stressful experience, so enjoy some of your favorites comfort foods if you have your sense of taste and smell you can help make it more bearable. For example, opt for a serving of macaroni and cheese along with a piece of grilled salmon or chicken breast and steamed broccoli or a mixed salad.

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When you’re in quarantine, you can’t go to the nearest supermarket or buy food, and you may not even feel like cooking, which can be especially challenging if you have a family to feed. It’s a good time to call family and friends to help you. I made a short list of grocery store must-haves, including chicken noodle soup, and had my college-aged son do the shopping and deliver it to me. If he doesn’t feel like cooking, ask a friend or family member if they’d be willing to pick up food or deliver a home-cooked meal to his door. (We know you would do the same for them.)

If help from a friend or family member isn’t an option, you can also order using the many online delivery apps. If you choose to order, ideally look for a dish that can last a few meals: the food is expensive! For example, a burger and fries isn’t very tasty heated up the next day and doesn’t provide much nutritional value to boost your immune system. Some dishes to consider are salads, chicken and broccoli with sauce on the side, and non-creamy soups.

You can also use online applications to order groceries. Order foods that are easy to prepare, such as low-sodium turkey, eggs, and fresh or canned fruit. You can even get a roast chicken or other pre-made dishes when you order online, depending on the market. Make sure there is an open delivery slot before you start your order. It’s no fun having everything in your shopping cart only to be told there are no delivery times left!

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Bottom line: stay hydrated and nourished.

During the COVID quarantine, stay well hydrated and well fed. Enjoy small amounts of comfort foods along with healthy foods to keep your body well fueled to help with recovery.

The situation with the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change. We encourage readers to stay informed with resources and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local health officials.

*This article was written and/or reviewed by an independent registered dietitian nutritionist.

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