I Watched Dua Lipa Demo A Perfectly Flawless Headstand On IG—And I’m In Awe

  • dualipa He just posted a new video on his Instagram stories.
  • in the clip, the 23-year-old singer he did a perfectly controlled (and flawless) headstand, and let me tell you, that video was beyond impressive. Talk about quality fitness content!
  • So how did Dua get her core to be so strong? Well, for starters, she’s into her fitness routine: She works out most days of the week, doing Pilates, HIIT, and strength training (plus yoga).

    dualipa She has been more than clear about her love of working out first thing in the morning, and she just left a little snippet on her Instagram Stories as proof.

    In it, the 26-year-old singer can be seen doing yoga like a boss. The video begins with Dua crouching on her mat, before casually advancing on her elbows in a crow pose. (JIC, you’re not familiar with this pose, the odds of falling flat on your face trying it are pretty high.)

    However, she did not stop there. Dua gently lowered her head onto the mat and slowly lifted her legs into a perfect tripod headstand, just like she does every day. In the background, you can hear her trainer Annie Locke saying, “Yes, again!”

    Dua Lipa/Instagram

    That wasn’t all: instead of collapsing in a heap afterwards, Dua slowly lowered her legs and maneuvered her body into crow stance again. It was all super smooth, required a ton of core strength, and, TBH, it was beautiful to watch.

    “I think she’s proud of me,” Dua captioned it. Um… I’m sure everyone is proud of you, Dua!

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    Dua later showed off the results of all that core work with a photo of herself at Madison Square Garden, posing in a lime green dress with a cutout that clearly showed off her ripped abs.

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    And she also shared a video of herself dancing on stage in a second-skin catsuit that clearly showed off all that muscle tone she’s been working so hard on.

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    However, Dua doesn’t ~just~ crush yoga workouts. she told him previously Live which tries to “exercise as much as I can”.

    That includes doing Sculpt With Ella exercises or having her friend Bunny coach her “on days when I’m feeling really lazy and need someone to motivate me,” she said. Refinery29. “Getting physical really starts my day off right,” Dua added.

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    Dua also cranks her way through Pilates and strength training workouts, although she added, “I like to leave my cardio workout to dancing.”

    Even when she’s pressed for time, Dua still makes a point to work out. “I love doing something that’s really fast and quick, like a 15-minute HIIT session which I can do before I start my day,” she told Viva. “If I’ve got a really early call time I don’t want to be waking up hours before I need to, to go and do a workout. So a high-intensity workout, shower, breakfast, and I’m on my way.”

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    And when she’s on the road, like she is RN, Dua told Marie Claire UK she likes to check out different exercise options. “When I have a tiny bit more time on my side I love mixing up lots of different training, finding different workouts in whatever city I’m in, whether it’s yoga, Pilates, boxing, or spinning,” she said. “Whatever it is, I try to change it up every day to keep things interesting. When you’re on a tour bus, every day and every place is different, so you never know what you’re going to find. That’s always one way to keep it interesting.”

    Note to self: Master the crow pose.

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