When is a stomach scan done and what cancer does it provide information about?

Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal has filed a petition in the Supreme Court. In which he stated that the interim bail should be extended for another 7 days because doctors advised him to take a PET-CT scan. According to AAP, Arvind Kejriwal’s health is not good and looking at the symptoms, the doctor says it could be cancer or a serious kidney problem.

Now the question arises: when is a stomach scan done? Also, what cancer is detected?

The full form of the scan is called computed tomography. This is a comprehensive analytics test. This is such a test. Through which the muscles, bones and organs inside the body can be detected by looking at their images. Using the scanner, internal injuries and bleeding can be easily detected. Additionally, bone-related problems can also be detected through it.

What is the difference between PET-CT and CT-SCAN?

PET scans are often used to detect serious diseases like cancer and brain disorders. PET is more expensive than CT scan. It is effective in detecting serious diseases like cancer. In PET scan, images are taken inside the body through radioactive materials. If there is a change in metabolism, you can easily see it by PET scan. Whereas in CT scanning, only pressure in bones, organs and tissues can be detected.

The number of cancer patients worldwide is increasing day by day. According to the World Health Organization, the figures from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a special cancer research agency, are very shocking. According to this data, 35 million cases of cancer could increase worldwide by 2050.

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According to this organization, given the increase in cases of cancer, it is not wrong to say that the causes are tobacco, alcohol, poor lifestyle and air pollution. Cancer cases are increasing rapidly around the world. In such a situation, digital PET-CT is very important.

These diseases are detected using PET CT

oncology, i.e. cancer

Neurology, i.e. diseases related to the brain

Cardiology, i.e. diseases related to the heart

Parkinson’s disease



Advantages of PET scan or CT scan

The advantage of the test scan here is that it easily gives accurate and complete information about the disease. You can’t even guess that if there is a disease hidden in the muscles, it will detect it. By getting tested at the right time, you can avoid even the most dangerous diseases.

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