4 Reasons why spending time with friends is essential for your mental health

Friendships provide much more than a good time. Maintaining positive relationships, such as healthy eating and exercise, should be considered a necessary investment in your health. Spending time with friends is not only enjoyable, it also has numerous long-term physical and emotional health benefits. Whether your network of friends is made up of a significant other and a large number of close family ties, or is made up of people who are not biologically related to you, any type of positive social support is beneficial.

Here are 4 reasons why spending time with friends is essential for your mental health.

1. Reduced stress

Everyone experiences stressful events. If you know that you can trust others, you are less likely to perceive a difficult time as stressful. Consider the last time you were upset or worried about something. Perhaps he expressed his concerns to a friend, who heard him vent and helped him find solutions. Potential stressors don’t have a chance to build up and cause significant distress if you know you have friends who care and want to help.

2. Friends can help boost self-esteem

Friends can boost your self-esteem and confidence. Your cheerleader is a good friend. You always want friends who are happy that you share in your success. When you feel insecure, supportive friends can help you feel more confident by offering praise and reassurance. They will highlight how amazing you are and how much you have to offer others.

emotional support

3. Friends give you emotional support.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, having a friend to help you can ease the transition. Social ties provide emotional support, which improves your psychological well-being. People who find their friends and family supportive are considered to have a greater sense of meaning in life and a stronger sense of purpose.

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best version of yourself

4. Friends push you to be the best version of yourself

Friends can also have a positive impact. You are more likely to develop these values ​​if you befriend people who are generous with their time, helpful, ambitious, or family-oriented. Your friends can also support your decisions by making changes with you. If you want to join a gym or start running, for example, having a workout buddy can help you stick with it until it becomes a habit.

Good friends are essential at all stages of life. Some aspects of your friendship may evolve over time as you mature and change as individuals. Strong friendships, on the other hand, will continue to make you stronger year after year because the important things (trust, respect, forgiveness, and support) will never change.

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