Bread-butter and cooking oil can harm your health, know why ICMR has warned about them

ICMR Warning: Do you also use bread butter in breakfast in your house and a lot of refined cooking oil is used to make vegetable parathas so be careful because recently Indian Council of Medical Research it is- i.e. ICMR, has issued a warning.

He said that bread butter and refined oil (bread butter and cooking oil) is one of the most harmful foods for health. Which increases the risk of obesity, heart attack, stroke, etc. So let us tell you what harm can be caused by eating these foods.

ICMR issues health warning
The Indian Council of Medical Research said in a recent report that excessive consumption of bread, butter and cooking oil can be harmful to health as these three items are ultra-processed. This means that sugar, salt, oil and processed products are used more in these products.

Apart from bread, butter and cooking oil, cold drinks, sweet flour dishes, packaged snacks, chips, biscuits and biscuits are also processed foods and should be avoided.

Eating it can increase the risk of disease
According to the ICMR, excessive consumption of ultra-processed foods like bread, butter and refined cooking oil for a long time can lead to obesity. Not only that, but consuming it for a long time can also lead to serious problems like heart attack, stroke, or brain damage.

In fact, the fat content of these ultra-processed foods is very high and the amount of fiber is very less. In addition, chemical preservatives and dyes are used in it. They seem very tasty and convenient to eat immediately, but if consumed over a long period of time, they constitute nothing less than a slow poison for health. Instead of these foods, you can consume fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, foods rich in fiber and low in calories.

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Health: If children demand to eat pizza, know the dangerous consequences before doing so.

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