Cucumber-tomato combination will spoil your health, do not eat it even by mistake, otherwise you will get upset

Cucumber-Tomato Combination : Salad is eaten a lot with food in the summer season. It is beneficial for health. In this season, it is very effective in keeping the body hydrated and keeping the digestive system healthy. Health experts also recommend eating salad to remove anemia in the body and for energy. Many things are mixed in making salad. It also contains Cucumber-Tomato Combination. But very few people know that cucumber and tomato should never be eaten together. It can harm health in many ways. Let’s know what nutritionists say..

do not eat cucumber and tomato together

Cucumber and tomato are also often kept in salads, but the combination of these two is dangerous for the stomach. Due to this, many diseases related to the stomach can flourish. Eating both together can worsen digestion and also disturb the acidic pH balance. Due to which problems like gas, bloating, abdominal pain, nausea, fatigue, indigestion start.

Why cucumber-tomato is dangerous

According to nutritionists, adding cucumber and tomato in salad can be harmful because these two vegetables are opposite to each other. Both take different time to digest. One of these two gets digested first and reaches the intestine. At the same time, the process of digestion of others continues. This also starts the process of fermentation inside the body. Because of this, not only the stomach is harmful to the whole body. Because of this, there are many types of problems in the stomach as well.

Avoid eating these things along with cucumber

Things made of cucumber and milk should never be eaten together. Health can deteriorate due to this. Combination of these two can also be harmful. Because of these, metabolism slows down and problems like bloating and abdominal pain can occur.

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