Does your weight increase quickly with age? Know what the reason is

Weight gain : The problem of weight gain has become common these days. Obesity is the result of poor lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. This problem is more visible in girls. With age, obesity follows them and their weight begins to increase. Women’s weight increases rapidly with age. Very few women know the reason. Tell us why women’s weight increases rapidly with age, is this a sign of disease?

Weight gain in women is a sign of illness

If a woman’s weight increases suddenly and rapidly with age, this can be a sign of many diseases. Often, women’s weight increases due to PCOS or PCOS problems. There is a risk of rapid weight gain in the event of thyroid, depressive, anxiety or intestinal problems.

Reason for rapid weight gain

lack of sleep

Today, most women work. We often fail to get enough sleep due to work and family responsibilities. Due to lack of sleep, weight begins to increase rapidly. This is because lack of sleep leads to cravings for sugar and fat and there is a risk of increased hunger hormones.

sitting for a long time

Most women work in office jobs. They have to work sitting for long hours. She also does most household chores while sitting. Sitting for a long time also increases weight quickly.

drink less water

Dehydration can also cause weight gain. If you drink less water, it can cause bloating. This will make you tired and you will constantly want to eat something. Overeating leads to weight gain and lack of water causes dry skin, dry mouth and can lead to infections in the body.

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hormonal changes

When a girl gets married, her weight suddenly starts to increase. Indeed, often after a physical relationship, hormonal changes occur in the body, due to which weight begins to increase rapidly.

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