Is pan masala harmful even by its smell, what danger does it pose to factory workers?

Side effects of Pan Masala: Although it is known that pan masala can be deadly for your health, a large part of the world’s population continues to eat it indiscriminately. Health warnings are written on pan masala, gutkha and other items containing tobacco and yet people consume them.

Let us tell you that pan masala is made from a mixture of tobacco, lime, catechu and many other similar agents and its consumption increases the risk of many deadly diseases. Let us tell you today what is found in pan masala that can make you a victim of many deadly diseases.

How is Pan Masala made?
Most people think that pan masala is made from betel nuts, lime, catechu, cloves and cardamom. But very few people know that many chemicals that are very dangerous for health are added to it. Companies add magnesium carbonate to pan masala. This increases the shelf life of the pan masala. Apart from this, paraffin wax is added to the pan masala. Pan masala and gutkha are prepared by adding these two items.

Gutkha also contains nicotine which causes cancer and stroke. Let us tell you that betel nut in pan masala contains tannins which damage the lining of the body. Scientists have identified many chemicals used in making Gutkha that contain carcinogens. Carcinogens are substances that cause cancer. In other words, there is a risk of cancer due to the 30 ingredients used in making pan masala and gutkha.

Not only eating but even smelling pan masala is harmful.

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While making pan masala, many chemicals are added to it, which directly harms health. We all know that eating pan masala is harmful to health, but you will be surprised to know that smelling the chemicals mixed in pan masala for a long time can also be harmful to health. According to health experts, many deadly diseases result from the use of pan masala or harmful chemicals that enter the body through respiration and affect various organs of the body. According to experts, people who work long hours in pan masala factories and smell chemicals for many hours can also suffer from many deadly diseases.

Harm health by eating pan masala
Due to the presence of many harmful chemicals in pan masala and gutkha, it causes serious diseases like cancer, heart disease and stroke. Eating pan masala can cause leukoplakia. This leads to red spots inside the mouth, sores in the mouth, and sores in the oral tissues.

Consumption of pan masala causes mouth and lung cancer. Additionally, the person’s liver is also damaged. Consuming pan masala damages teeth and gums. The paraffin wax present in pan masala can cause diabetes and numbness in the hands and feet.

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