Nova Benefits rolls out mental wellness plan for all employees

Employee welfare platform Nova Benefits has launched a mental wellness plan for all employees of the company.

As part of the plan, the company partnered with Manah Health and Wellness to provide mental health advice to employees in need, regardless of their location. Additionally, all expenses incurred by employees for mental health purposes, including weekly counseling sessions, are reimbursed by the company. This is a significant benefit for employees as it gives them the independence to go to the counselors of their choice, without worrying about the cost, as consultations can be expensive.

“Our mission at Nova is to build happier and healthier workplaces. We do it by making health Benefits easy to use and personalized, and our goal is to cover 10 million people in India by 2025,” said Saransh Garg, CEO and co-founder of Nova Benefits.

“This plan will allow employees to take control of their health holistically, with our support at every step,” Garg added.

The company also offers its employees unlimited permissions and without questions, under the unlimited modality leave politics. In addition, employees must take a break after every 45 days of

ongoing work In addition to wellness benefits, the company also provides pet sitting, babysitting, and period leave, along with menstrual time off. Additionally, employees have free access to Practo for any of their physical health care needs.

The central government recently announced the ‘National Mental Health Telehealth’ programme, as part of the Union budget for 2022, which promotes mental health telehealth facilities to boost the reach of Mental Wellness services even to the most remote areas.

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Nova has raised $10 million of Series A funding from investors including SIG, Bessemer, Multiply Ventures, Better Capital and Titan Capital.


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