The increase in cholesterol will be brought under control soon, just start doing 5 things from today.

High cholesterol: If your cholesterol levels have increased, do not take it lightly as it can harm your heart health. There are two types of cholesterol in the body, bad and good. Good cholesterol is good for staying healthy, but bad cholesterol leads to many problems. This increases the risk of heart disease. If your bad cholesterol levels are increasing, you can control it with 5 simple measures. Let us know…

1. Drink lukewarm water
You should drink hot water when bad cholesterol levels increase. This can help with detoxification and cleansing. Hot water can reduce the risk of many diseases by melting bad cholesterol. Hot water is beneficial in many ways.

2. Using olive oil
It is healthy to use olive oil in food. Staying away from refined oil is good for your health. Olive oil contains antioxidants that reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing high cholesterol levels.

3. Stay away from processed foods
If you eat too much junk and processed foods, change your habits immediately, otherwise high cholesterol levels can increase significantly. To live a healthy life, eat only a balanced diet. Avoid eating out.

4. Avoid smoking
Smoking not only increases bad cholesterol but also causes many diseases. By staying away from it, one can avoid the dangers of cholesterol. Excessive smoking dangerously affects heart health.

5. Don’t stop exercising
You can keep your body in shape by exercising every day. This boosts metabolism and burns calories faster. This helps in weight loss, which also reduces high cholesterol levels.

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