High Cholesterol Control: 7 Mistakes to Avoid During Breakfast to Manage LDL

Cholesterol control is essential to maintain a healthy heart health. These few diet mistakes maybe the reason behind your increased LDL levels.

High Cholesterol Control: 7 Mistakes to Avoid During Breakfast to Manage LDL (Freepik)

High cholesterol is a growing problem that puts the heart at risk. It increases the chances of heart attack and other cardiovascular ailments. Wondering why? So, cholesterol is a waxy substance like plaque that starts to form in arteries. This further disrupts the blood and oxygen flow hampering the optimal functioning of the heart. It also may lead to high blood pressure and other problems. there can be several reasons behind the increase in LDL levels and dietary rules could be one of them.

Low-density lipoprotein is bad cholesterol (LDL) and high-density lipoprotein is good cholesterol (HDL). Try to avoid these few mistakes during breakfast that could potentially be the reason behind the rise of bad cholesterol.


  1. Skipping Breakfast: This is one of the main habits that leads to cholesterol problems and should be avoided if one already has high cholesterol. Missing out on breakfast, the first meal of the day, can affect your metabolism, and blood sugar and make you crave more later in the day. It is always better to start the day right with a healthy balanced breakfast inclusive of lean proteins, fibre, proteins and healthy carbs.
  2. No Fibre Food: Neglecting fibre in the diet is another grave mistake that affects bad cholesterol levels. Fibre slows digestion and helps in better nutrient absorption. It also helps with better digestion and further helps to lower cholesterol.
  3. Sugary Breakfast: Several people go for sweetned cereals, and pastries that can lead t spikes in sugar levels and elevate cholesterol. Fresh fruits or natural sweeteners are a better alternative.
  4. No Healthy Fat: People often overlook healthy fats like avocados, nuts, olive oil etc. These have natural healthy fats that, when consumed in moderation can help with high cholesterol levels.
  5. Too Much Processed Food: Processed meat like bacon or sausages, or other highly processed foods can adversely affect cholesterol levels.
  6. Overlooking Portion Control: People don’t often look at this as an important aspect, but portion control is extremely important. Excess of anything is bad and mindful eating helps in a healthy lifestyle, weight loss and cholesterol control.
  7. Not Drinking Water: This is another major mistake many of us are guilty of. Leaving the body dehydrated early morning reduces energy, and affects metabolism and cholesterol as well. Therefore, remember to start your day with a healthy sip of warm honey water, herbal teas and more.
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Cholesterol control is imperative and today’s sedentary lifestyle contributes majorly to bad LDL levels. Adapt to healthy lifestyle choices and avoid bad mistakes that lead to unhealthy ways to life.



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