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How to get V abs that women love


V abs are known by many names and it is a highly desired area by women. Names for this include Adonis Belt, Love Line, Moneymaker, Marky Mark, Michelangelo Muscle, V Cut, Super V, Apollo Belt, Iliac Farrow and V Shaped Abs. The actual technical name for V abs is the inguinal crease.

V abs are not really a muscle. They are just two cords of ligament coming out of the hip. For most people V abs will not be visible unless you have low body fat and for this reason most physically active people have an Adonis belt.


Ok so i told you that in order to get the adonis belt you need to have low body fat first, if i had to guess i would say you should be around 6-10% body fat. I’m going to first talk a little about how to burn fat to reveal your V abs because that’s the key step.

There are many ways to burn fat, but the premise is that you must create a calorie deficit. There are many ways to create a calorie deficit. These include exercising a lot and eating a little less than maintenance. You can eat well below maintenance and do exercise that burns enough calories.


The fastest way I’ve found to meet this calorie deficit is through intermittent fasting. By going long periods of time without any calories, you can very easily create a large deficit. Intermittent fasting also mimics intense exercise. When you fast, insulin drops, just like with intense exercise. Human Growth Hormone ranges in both, and HGH is known for its fat burning and muscle growth properties. Intense exercise and fasting both increase fat burning by releasing fatty acids. The speed of amino acids also increases in both. As you can see, fasting and exercise are very similar, but guess what? Fasting lasts 24 hours, and intense exercise lasts only an hour, usually tops. Eating a clean diet and avoiding processed foods will also help you create a calorie deficit.

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Now that we’ve got the diet in order, we want to increase this calorie deficit. We do this through training. Resistance training is important during dieting. If you are in a calorie deficit for a long period of time, without resistance training, your body will burn not only fat but also muscle, which is not what we want because muscle is good for keeping your metabolism high.

To speed up the calorie burning, factor in some HIIT workouts, some steady state cardio and metabolic circuits, and aim to burn fat at a rate of 1-2 lbs per week and you’ll have V abs in no time.

Source by Michael David McIntyre

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