psychological effects of hair loss

Because hair is so important to a person’s physical attractiveness and body image, hair loss often affects a person’s self-image, self-esteem, and overall quality of life.

Studies have shown that people with a ‘normal’ amount of hair are viewed as more attractive, successful and masculine; While people with genetic hair loss are seen as older and less desirable; However, he is also seen as more intelligent, stable, and conscientious. There is no evidence that hair loss causes job discrimination or voter bias (i.e., has not been shown to discriminate against political candidates by voters).

The extent to which people with genetic hair loss are affected by their condition usually depends on sex. Women are more embarrassed, distressed, anxious and worried; have low self-esteem; And men with hair loss have more social problems than women with normal amounts of hair. Women also feel more uncomfortable in the presence of others. Studies of men are more conflicting. Some have reported minor social concerns but normal self-esteem and psychological profiles; On the other hand, other studies have concluded that hair loss is very stressful for men, reducing their sense of attractiveness and social functioning; low self-esteem and body-image; And the tension increased. These psychological effects appear to be influenced by a person’s age, extent of hair thinning, and marital status. Hair loss problems have also been described in both genders as symbolic of seeking help for other underlying psychological or personal problems.

Not everyone is worried about hair loss. Many people, both men and women, have never sought treatment or advice from a specialist and therefore do not seem to be overly concerned about their condition.

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As you can see, some people are very affected by hair loss, while others don’t really care. Often, it just depends on the person involved.

Source by Dr. David Kingsley, PhD

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