Struggling With Stress and Anxiety? Try Sound Therapy to Calm and Heal the Mind 

Today, more and more people are experiencing stress and anxiety. We can all benefit from taking a step back and investing in our mental health. One way to do this is to surround yourself with noise.Also read – What is sleep apnea and why is early diagnosis necessary?

What is sound therapy?

Sound therapy is an ancient practice that is gaining popularity again. It uses healing sounds to improve your mental and physical health. It can alter brain function and even treat many mental health problems, such as depression. 1 Sound therapy is about bringing balance and harmony into your life with the help of pleasant sounds. From listening to nature’s sounds and music to chanting mantras and visiting a trained practitioner, sound therapy can help. Also read – Vitamins C, D and Zinc do not reduce your chances of dying from covid-19: study

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Nature plays an important role in our health. In the 80’s, Japanese researchers discovered the healing benefits of spending about 40 minutes in nature, encouraging them to spend more time outdoors. 2 The sounds of nature can help reduce stress levels and give a feeling of calm and relaxation, while also improving your mood. .3 Now, we can’t run all over the hills, so visiting your neighborhood park or listening to artificial nature sounds through mindfulness apps can also help. One such app is Ruhgu, which has a huge library of nature’s sounds.

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Chanting certain phrases, chanting devotional mantras and uttering seed sounds are the cornerstones of many religions. This ancient practice, which was first thought to bring us closer to God, also has many mental health benefits. It can reduce stress and anxiety and alleviate depression. 4 So even if you are not religious you can take a deep breath and speak phrases and words like Om, Allahu Akbar, Om Mani Padme Hum, Amen, Wahe Guru or any other chanting or mantra you want. Alternatively, turn on the Mindfulness app to hear these healing words passively.

Another ancient method that has health benefits is the production of sound using singing bowls, Tibetan gongs, tuning forks and drums. These instruments are hit or circled in a specific order by a trained therapist and placed around you to create specific sounds and vibrations. These vibrations relieve stress, reduce anxiety and frustration, and increase spiritual well-being.

Over the years, musical compositions, such as meditation music, white sounds, and binary beats અલગ hearing different tones at slightly different frequencies in each ear બની have become mainstream. This soothing beat at a slower tempo can relax your mind and muscles.6

Ruhgu has a huge library of audio content, including a mindfulness app created by global award winning artists, easy meditation, sleep music, awakened audio stories, sounds of nature and mantras.

(Inputs by Dhruv Patel and Dr. Batul Patel (Founder – Ruhgu)


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